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Guru Nanak Devji’s Birthday Celebration at Green Timbers Elementary School

Posted on November 30th, 2018

Surrey: Parents (organized by Sukhwinder Kaur Saran, Gurpreet Singh Saran + 88 other parents)  from Green Timbers Elementary School in Surrey provided Free Hot Lunch on 23rd November 2018 to 556 students + 60 teachers & school staff members. It was their 5th annual free hot lunch to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev ji's Birthday.

Free Hot Lunch consisted of 1 personalized pizza, 1 Cup Cake, 1 bag of chips & 1 juice box to everyone. Big thanks from parents to school principal Mrs. Lise Schrag & school staff for their help. About 90 parents donated approx $3380.00. Individual donation amount varied from $5.00 to $150.00. Left-over funds will be donated for the purchase of books for school use.

Since September 2016 Punjabi as a subject is being taught in this school due to parents joint efforts. Approx. 80 students are learning Punjabi as a subject in grade 5,6,7.   

Bhangra Classes are also offered in this school by passionate volunteers. 100% of Money raised from Bhangra classes is donated towards field trips for all students. Bhangra Classes are taught by ex-student of this school. In 2015 parents raised aprrox. $20,000.00 funds for purchasing & installing a accessible swing in this school.

Usually it’s said that parents don’t participate in school activities. BUT due to joint efforts of teachers, PAC & Parents lot of positive things are happening in this school. This school has programs like Reading Club, Kid’s Play, Yo Bro Yo Girl, Jump Start, GT Cancer Corp., GT Care, etc.

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